Our Vision

For Waldorf Education in the Bay of Islands

“Receive the children in reverence, educate them in love, let them go forth in freedom.” – Rudolf Steiner

Our overarching priority is to support every child to fulfil his or her unique destiny and to provide him or her with firm foundations so that they can develop into a free, morally responsible and integrated person. We aspire to be part of this journey, creating a space that cherishes early childhood, within which:

  • The whole child is recognised and accepted
  • The process of learning is unhurried
  • Whanau are an integral part of every day
  • Relationships are respectful, responsive and reciprocal
  • Every child is empowered to develop and sustain their own self-directed play

Steiner Education is based on the understanding that every human being is a spiritual being on a purposeful life journey.

In April of 2022 the Oromahoe Kindergarten & Oromahoe Playgroup staff together with Trustees and volunteers got together to map out our plan to promote our vision for the next 3 years. What emerged was an ambitious set of goals to expand Waldorf Education in the Bay of Islands. This strategy highlights our aspirations for Steiner education in the region.


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