"The need for imagination, a sense of truth, and a feeling of responsibility — these three forces are the very nerve of education."

- Rudolf Steiner

Our programme caters for children aged 0-6 and includes inside play, bun making, Steiner seasonal crafts, singing and nature play.

A unique centre for 2–6 year-olds giving them the chance to grow and learn in a secure and natural environment.
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We believe in a wholistic education so we're starting a primary school.

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What's different about Waldorf education?

Unhurried and child-centred pace

Educational activities are developmentally appropriate for the individual child, starting with play, staying with play and emerging through play.

Wholistic and balanced education

Success in Waldorf education is about developing good citizens to be a force for good in society - critical thinking voices for tomorrow.

Bi-cultural practices

Honoring of Te Tiriti or Waitangi and the bi-cultural foundation of Aotearoa/New Zealand and our special.

Reverence for nature

We learn to appreciate and stay close to nature, finding our place within it and learning to care for it and all who depend upon it.

No computers or devices

Devices are introduced in the later childhood years and they focus first on making the device then mastering it's use. They will have long been using logic and computation in other ways that mean they're ready to engage fully.

Portfolio assessments over tests

A balanced education required a balance assessment as the child develops.

Globally inspired, locally focussed

The success of Waldorf education in over 75 countries has created a global network of educators with a focus on localised education.


We are a community run not-for-profit charitable education provider. Community run and socially driven.


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